Top High School Applicants Announced

Top High School applicants ( in no particular order )

Vape Alarm – Kush Yegnaswami- Gr 12- Garth Webb
Smoke alarms can’t detect vaporizers – vape alarm warns you when vapours become unsafe for others

Em: FEM – Meghan Kirkpatrick – Gr 11- Abbey Park
An online platform where young women can reach out and connect with real – life women professionals in their desired career

Butterstick – Bobby Zhang- Gr 12- Garth Webb Secondary School
A packaging concept for butter that enables a simple, easy, mess free way to apply butter

HELPrewards – Ann Mathulla – Gr 12- Bishop Redding
Enables users to find volunteer opportunities within their community and encourage more volunteers by rewarding them for the HELP they provide

Bodega – Jennifer Palfi- Gr 12- Bishop Redding
An app that connects your social media to your grocery list to compile a list of ingredients needed for a recipe you saw online, pay for the ingredients and have them delivered or ready at the grocery store.

Multicase – Amy Felton – Gr 12- Georgetown District High School
A cellphone case that provides the user with a new notification process through the use of LED coloured lighting.

The Bulletin – Daniel Schnurr, Mathew Needham, Hayden Campbell, Justin Peters- Gr 12 – Nelson High School
A social media networking platform exclusive to artists in music and film

Bikelivery – Jared Summers- Gr 11- Assumption Catholic Secondary School
An uber styled app that connects customers who need to deliver a same day package within a city to bicycle delivery riders.


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February 1, 2016