Top 10 OPEN Category Contestants Announced

Top 10 OPEN Category Contestants ( in no particular order )

Hangry – Mark Scottolon, Fabian Raso, and Ryan Giles, Burlington
Hangry is a mobile app that connects students with the fastest and easiest way to order and pay for food and beverage across campus using their pre-paid student meal plan or credit card, earning rewards each purchase.

Shape+Store – Maya Liberman and Greg Liberman, Oakville
Shape+Store manufactures and sells freezer containers specifically designed to create individual food portions and encourage home made meal preparation, with 5 products to date.

Cocktails ‘n Canvas – Bindesh Rach, Oakville, Rajen Gandhi, Milton
Cocktails ‘n Canvas licenses a multi-sided digital platform to market, sell, create and deliver high-quality social painting events in upscale, local bars/pubs, restaurants and private locations.

HINT – Jacob Jackson and Ahmed Elmeligi, Hamilton
Healthcare Innovation in NeuroTechnology (HINT) is developing a wearable monitoring device for high-risk patients that will be able to detect a stroke in their sleep, helping save lives of thousands of stroke victims each year.

Fetchit – Matthew Karabela and Michal Barcz, Oakville
Fetchit is a service that allows people who require help transporting items to connect with a vehicle owner who can help within minutes.

Laifa Baby – Nicole Mortimer, Oakville
Laifa Baby is a new apparel company providing innovative, high-quality and user-friendly infant clothing, featuring a patent-pending ankle-to-ankle zipper combination with a front neck-to-ankle zipper.

Port Credit Charging Systems Inc. – Jack Daniel Bernstein, Oakville
Port Credit Charging Systems ( has designed, built and field tested a portable battery powered mobile device charger. The ChargeMore uses patent pending technology and has sales over $150,000 since 2013.

Chumbuggy – Neel Desai
Chumbuggy scrapes and aggregates content from online sources, drawing in users interested in the same topic, then seamlessly transitions them to a platform for a face-to-face discussion with up to 5 people 50 years of age and older. – Genilson Galante and Antonio Antunes, Oakville, a one stop shop for all things hobby related, will be a platform where people can share information, read content and post blogs, participate in forums and buy and sell collectible goods via stores or auctions.

Helping Hands – Janelle Hinds, Mississauga, Mobolaji Adeolu, Hamilton
Helping Hands is a platform that matches an underemployed population with understaffed organizations using a skill development centered matching model that provides the underemployed with access to valuable employable skills and the understaffed with eager volunteers.


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February 1, 2016