Pythons’ Pit Stories – Turning Your Ideas into Reality – Mark Suan

Mark-Suan-pythons-PitName: Mark Suan
2014-2015 Pythons’ Pit
High school 1st Place Winner
Hometown: Burlington, Ontario
Age: 19

During Python’s Pit, my intentions as an entrepreneur were to simply prove to myself, that I could make my innovations and ideas a reality. This quickly evolved into the realization that not only could I make my dreams a reality but also make an impact in the world by simply changing my state of mind and perspective on life.
I developed the Cyclo Charger, which was meant to be not only a means of a survival for your mountain biking enthusiast but more so be a means of clean sustainable energy to charge a phone with.
Pythons’ Pit truly helped me in terms of the mentorship and connections I gained from the whole experience. But more so, it was the confidence boost and little push needed for me to realize that the status quo of simply going to university and getting a job is no longer cutting it anymore. It made me realize that sometimes my time and ideas are more valuable than what I once perceived them to be in comparison to your typical 9-5 jobs.
I’m currently enrolled in Electrical and Bio-Medical Engineering level II at McMaster University to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer. I have networked and met many like-minded individuals. I am currently using the knowledge I have gained from Pythons’ Pit to help with a new upcoming web-based startup based at McMaster University to uplift and empower students who support self-learning and open -sourced education.
In the next five years, I’m honestly not sure what to expect. While I do have dreams of eventually owning my own business, I simply let life take me wherever it goes. I simply put in the work in the “now” such that I am posed in an optimal position for tomorrow.




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April 24, 2016