Pythons’ Pit Stories Turning Your Ideas into Reality – Jessy Kang

Jessy-Kang-Pythons-PitName: Jessy Kang
2014-2015 Pythons’ Pit
Candidate of 2013 and 2014 Pythons’ Pit
Hometown: Oakville, Ontario
Age: 19

I want to be an entrepreneur to impact the lives of people all over the world. One of my Pythons’ Pit business ideas involved a product that would help individuals better manage their personal finances. Being a part of Pythons’ Pit provided me with the foundations of entrepreneurship so that when I do choose to start my own business I can feel more confident in my ability to do so. The entire process was extremely valuable but the main things that I took away from the Pythons’ Pit experience was the opportunity to develop my communication skills, connect with mentors, and network with business professionals from a wide range of backgrounds.

I chose to attend university to further my skills and experiences. I have always loved how the business discipline involves so many different career paths in so many different streams, whether it be marketing, finance, consulting, and so on. I feel like I am learning the necessary skills to help me obtain my career objectives in class, through extracurricular activities, and the countless opportunities available for undergraduate students in business. It has been such a memorable experience thus far, and I am really excited to see what the rest of the program has to offer, especially with my international exchange in Germany next year!

Five years from now, I see myself working in the field of social finance or social entrepreneurship, two areas I recently became more involved with. Pythons’ Pit was the catalyst for empowering me to pursue business and entrepreneurship. I hope that regardless of whether I choose to work for an existing business or start my own, I will be able to bring my entrepreneurial spirit and energy to initiatives that will make a positive impact for other people.


Jessy Kang


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April 24, 2016