2014 Finalists

2014 Finalists

Open Category

Our 2014 Pythons’ Pit Open Category Top Five Finalists!

GymChum – Aydin Betez   

GymChum is a Social Fitness Network that motivates users to achieve their health and fitness goals. Social networking has become a part of our day to day lives. There is Facebook for our family & friends, Linkedin for our career, Twitter for our news and now GymChum for our health & fitness. GymChum is a motivational health and fitness app that aims to help educate and motivate our users to live a healthy and active lifestyle by connecting them with others with the same goal. The idea behind GymChum was first conceived when the founder lost 60 pounds of weight by having a motivational network. His mission is to help others by creating the 1st social fitness network that motivates individuals to live a healthy and active lifestyle.”

Country Basics – Ted & Lisa West

We are a depot of proprietary green bulk cleaning supplies including Laundry soap, stain removers, refreshers, floor cleaners and grout cleaners. Our products are for business, janitorial services and the General public. Our green products are all natural and we have a complete disclosure of all our Raw materials. We have developed something new, it’s similar to a nutritional label, but for green products, we call it “EcoFacts”. We are challenging other manufacturers to follow our lead. We supply laundry soap to window cleaners, and you can fill your own bottles for a fraction of the cost of big store brands. We gave our products out for Christmas presents to family and friends, and they would tell Friends who now want some, and Ted sells commercially now, so it was a no brainer. We watched a show about, The “Great Garbage Patch” and wanted to help, so we created a bulk refill station with our environmentally conscious, concept bottles, Aluminum!

V.M. Enterprises – Vincent Marchese      

Tools evolve and improve; the push broom, the (push) snow shovel and even the paint roller all were born from the original tool designs and now finally VM enterprises has invented the patented push rake called the “Shake”. It is the fastest, easiest and pain free way to rake lawns of leaves, twigs, fallen fruit/nuts and other debris. Tired of getting blisters and picking up debris off my lawn prior to cutting the grass, I went on a quest to find a tool that solved my problem fast and easy. After a few years of tinkering I developed an earlier version of a tool that eventually evolved into the Shake.

Tetra Biologicals Inc. – Bruce Robinson & Thurkathipana Navaneethan

We are dedicated to producing ecologically sustainable and naturally integrated insect pest control solutions. Our organic products are certified by CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) and 100 % safe to humans, pets and the environment. Tetra Biologicals is a dynamic start up company, working in the expanding biological pest control industry, producing environmentally sustainable controls for household and agricultural pests. Through our own research and development we have formulated a brand new product that effectively and organically controls pest cockroach infestations, and we now need investment to help us exploit the new market opportunities. After developing a full range of  biological pesticides that protect lawns, fruit and organic crops from pest insects, we decided to turn our attention to domestic household pests. An intense 18 months of research and development has resulted in an effective, safe treatment against cockroaches – bed bugs and ticks are next.

Ranggo – Noha Abdelaziz & Peter Basl 

Ranggo is the only social marketing platform serving the restaurant industry based on immediate feedback of menu items. Through Ranggo, restaurants will gain insightful analytics and demographics about their customers, enabling them to retain existing customers as well as attract new ones through personalized incentives & coupons. Ranggo’s innovative yet simple approach can be applied quickly in the restaurant industry and scaled to other vertical markets to close the loop between businesses & their customers.

1ST ALTERNATE – TheraDough – Candice Hamilton-Miller & Melanie Wilson

TheraDough is an exciting new product that utilizes principles of aromatherapy, play therapy and behavioural therapy to reduce symptoms of stress, anxiety, pain, insomnia and many more. TheraDough promises a simple and effective therapy product, made with all natural ingredients, that can be used anytime and anywhere you need it.

High School Category

Our 2014 Pythons’ Pit High School Category Top Five Finalists!

NORSAF Technologies (North Atlantic Safety and Defense Securities) – Jack Greenburg: Garth Webb Secondary School

Jack is a Grade 9 student and has created an innovative business that would work to enhance gun security through tracking and electronic safety measures.

Smart Tasks – Jennifer Palfi: Bishop Reding High School

Jennifer is in grade 10 at Bishop Reding high school. Smart tasks is an online database that allows users to outsource small tasks or jobs. All you need to do is post the job or task that you need done, and the price that you will pay for someone to complete this task for you. Moments later any approved user in the area can respond to the task, complete it for you and get paid.

Cyclo-Charger – Mark Suan: Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School

Cell phone adoption in developing countries is vital tool for change and progress, however a major problem is access to cheap and reliable electricity for recharging. “Cyclo-charger” is a portable but affordable cell phone charger, which harnesses and converts the kinetic energy produced from cycling, into electrical energy to charge a cellphone.developing countries is a dominant force for change and progress, however the problem of cheap and reliable electricity for recharging.

Smart Tap – Jessy Kang: Abbey Park Secondary School

Jessy Kang is an enthusiastic grade 12 student at Abbey Park High School. She is passionate about entrepreneurship and hopes to network, gain mentorship and see her business idea come alive through the competition. Smart Tap is a mobile application that allows you to store and organize receipts from retailers.

Fashion on Wheels – Nita Stranaghan & Katie Henderson: Georgetown District High School

Grade10. Why Pythons Pit: It all started out as a group project in our Grade 10 business class last semester. Our project was to create a new or innovative product or service. Although my teacher decided he was going to submit our projects to the Pythons Pit. When I made it into the top ten, I simply could not refuse such a unique and valuable opportunity as this. Fashion on Wheels is a break through idea that has the potential to be the next Mary Kay or even take over the online shopping world. On top of that we have a huge market that includes the people that don’t like to deal with the frustrations of online shopping or walk around busy malls for hours on end. We wanted to do our project on something we had in common and base our innovation on that. And that’s when it came to us…we both loved to shop. Then we were thinking of way how we could improve the shopping experience and make it better (in other words create an alternative way of shopping). That lead us to the idea of the store coming to us because we are under the driving age and can’t drive to the mall ourselves. Finally we thought of Fashion on Wheels: a mobile and miniature store that comes to us (the consumer) through a dispatcher service with all the the hottest brands inside.