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Rosanne Longo

Longo’s Spokesperson and Contributing Writer, Chair of the Longo’s Family Charitable Foundation

As Longo’s Spokesperson, Rosanne brings the voice of Longo’s to the forefront in TV and radio. Working in the family business has helped shaped the genuine and original content contributed to the Fresh Traditions Blog and Longo’s Experience Magazine. As Longo’s Spokesperson and Brand Ambassador, she also contributes the Longo’s family voice to public speaking engagements. Growing up in an Italian family in the food business, and having a passion for eating good food is in her blood. She finds more and more opportunities to share their philosophy of the simplicity of using fresh ingredients to create inspiring meals; meals that should be shared among family and friends, enjoying authentic connections and memorable food experiences.

Arthur Salzer

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer, Northland Wealth Management

Arthur C. Salzer, Chief Executive Officer & Chief Investment Officer of Northland Wealth Management, has more than 22 years of investment experience. As CEO, Arthur is the firm’s chief visionary – developing and implementing the firm’s strategic plan as well as overseeing all of the day-to-day operations and open source investment platform of the company. Arthur also advises many of the firm’s largest and most complex clients.

Arthur began his career as a real estate analyst for a family owned investment business, then held increasingly senior roles with the largest bank owned investment counsel in Canada where he gained exposure to hedge funds, private equity, equities and fixed income while advising high net worth families. Arthur then spent 7 years with of one of Canada’s oldest and independent investment counseling firms where he had the opportunity to be mentored by a recipient of the Morningstar Career Achievement Award.

Michele Bailey

President and CEO, Blazing

From humble beginnings 20 years ago, Blazing has grown to an award-winning full service Marketing and Advertising firm with an impressive product portfolio and a long list of clients throughout North America, each with revenues starting at $5,000,000.

Like many entrepreneurial journeys, business began in a residential basement, but Blazing grew rapidly due to the clear vision, sheer determination and passionate leadership of founder, President and CEO Michele Bailey. Today, the company considers its core competencies to be Branding & Strategic Communications, Trade & Consumer Promotions, Business≠ to-Business Marketing, and Mobile & Digital Campaigns.

“It’s simple. Work hard. Give back. It’s what we’re all about:” emphatically explains company founder Michele Bailey. The agency invests 100% in each client’s business, and in the community in which they live.

David Woolford

Partner in the southwestern Ontario and Toronto offices of Miller Thomson

Mr. Woolford specializes in investment/corporate finance and governance, and the structuring and commercialization of intellectual property rights, for emerging companies. He is also very involved in transactional and regulatory work with capital pool companies (CPCs), venture capital and private equity funds, angel investors and sub debt, asset-based lending and other financiers. He also focuses on limited partnerships; mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and other corporate reorganizations; reverse takeovers (RTOs); e-business / e-commerce; outsourcing; and on software and technology development, licensing / franchising, acquisition and distribution contracts.

Mr. Woolford is a member of the TSX Venture Exchange’s Local Advisory Committee for Ontario, the Secretary and a director of the Golden Triangle Angelnet (GTAN) and a member of the Angel One angel investor group. Also, as an active member in the community, Mr. Woolford has been extensively involved in the United Way of Peel, including 10 years as a fundraiser (2 years as Chair of the United Way of Peel Charity Golf Tournament), and was formerly the General Counsel and a founder of the Maple Leaf Angels and the honorary National Solicitor and a director of Peel Senior Link, a laudable community service organization providing supportive services and care to senior citizens.

John Stix

Co-founder Fibernetics

My career as an entrepreneur in both telecommunications and marketing has provided me with a wealth of experience taking start-ups to enterprise level organizations.

A co-founder of Fibernetics, one of the largest telecom companies in the country with points of presence coast-to-coast, supports hundreds of thousands of Canadians with their telecommunications needs. My current role is President of Fibernetics, where I oversee an international team of telecom professionals principally through our residential brand, Worldline and our business services division, NEWT. I mentor Fibernetics Ventures Inc. and its associated companies: Fongo, Cloud at Cost, Rack & Data and Plasticity.
My journey continues with a focus on improving culture with the “I’m in!” initiative.

Great companies depend upon great culture to survive and thrive. I have the vision to not only realize a new culture was needed at Fibernetics but constructed the plan, the vision of what it should look like, its goals and its execution. I am passionate about culture in companies and what makes a great company become incredible. I live it every day and am completely committed to this goal. The team we’ve developed at our Cambridge, Ontario head office work cohesively with the common goal of advancing Fibernetics and its group of companies.
They are “in” and I am motivated to bring what’s working for us to other organizations.

As a public speaker, I work with companies both large and small focusing on increasing workplace happiness and employee engagement through improving their culture. An entrepreneurship mentor with our own Fibernetics Ventures and with Communitech, I help guide the next generation of business leaders to produce world changing products and services to market.

#Commitment, #Happiness, #Culture & #I’m in!

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